How to Excel at E-Commerce

How to Excel at E-Commerce

Online shopping has come a long way since its birth in the 1990s. With the meteoric rise in consumers and businesses conducting transactions online, having a solid e-commerce strategy has gone from niche to necessity.

If your company can’t conduct a strong online marketing campaign, it’s going to be left in the dust.

Not sure how to excel in e-commerce? Here are some hot insider tips to get you to the next level!

Branding Is Everything in E-Commerce

No matter the size of your business, your brand matters. This is how customers identify you. It’s how contacts remember you.

Your brand is so much more than your logo and a pithy mission statement. It’s how you give back to your community. It’s how your website works for customers.

Are you relevant to young and old demographics, or are you languishing in younger markets? This is something that you should consider when examining your company’s branding.

If your brand appears outdated, out of touch, or uncaring, you will lose big in the online market. However, if you look relevant, up-to-date, and ethically sound, your success rates will soar.

Remain Transparent

Nothing makes people back out of a transaction faster than feeling lied to. That’s why transparency is key, not only for in-person commerce but e-commerce as well. You can have the slickest online marketing strategy available, but if something happens to damage consumer trust, you’re dead in the water.

One way to highlight your company’s transparency is by keeping your contact information visible near the top of all your web pages. Customers are more inclined to buy from companies they can get back in touch with, should something go wrong.

You should also take great care to keep your customers informed of any fees you add on, like shipping and handling, before they hit the checkout screen. If people get blindsided by a huge shipping fee, they’re hitting the back button, and never looking back.

Don’t Neglect the UX

You should always, always, always include a good chunk of your overall business budget for your web design team. Why?

For starters, if your website is confusing to navigate, customers won’t buy. They’ll get lost and frustrated, and will run to your competitors without a second glance. This goes double if they’re viewing the website on mobile.

Second, if you don’t make it obvious what you do from the moment the customer clicks onto your site, they won’t stick around for you to explain. You have less than 10 seconds to catch and hold their attention once they find your website. Don’t waste it with fluff; get right to what you can offer them in a concise, laser-focused CTA.

Need More Tips for Business Excellence?

Now that you’ve learned some e-commerce best practices, you might find yourself needing further tips for business excellence.

No worries. Our blog can offer you insights into marketing, finance, logistics, warehousing, and much more. Keep checking out our website today for the latest business intel.

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