B2B Email Marketing: Discover The Right Way to Write Emails

B2B Email Marketing: Discover The Right Way to Write Emails

B2B email strategy has a return rate of 42:1! That means for every $1 a business spends on their email marketing, they earn $42 on average. This is why B2B email marketing is used by 87% of businesses to generate leads. 

B2B, short for business to business, is a type of relationship in which one of the businesses is also a consumer. The primary goal of B2B email marketing is to increase conversions. 

B2B email marketing is important for every business to know, regardless of whether or not you operate as B2B or B2C. Keep reading to learn how to create a successful B2B email.


The hook is what draws a reader in. You need to catch their interest from the subject line. The subject is the first thing associated with your email a reader will see.

If the subject isn’t enticing, they’re not even going to open the email. Experts suggest it is wise to spend as much time creating a clever subject line as much as writing a captivating email. 

In general, a powerful subject is short, has a call to action or incentive offer, and uses language that will jump out amongst other emails.

You can even A/B test your subject lines. Send the exact same email to a random pool of subscribers, changing only the subject. After a few days see which subject line had the highest open rate.


Your CTA is your call to action. This is what step you want your readers to take when viewing your email. Too many CTAs will leave a reader overwhelmed and instead they’ll probably end up doing nothing. 

Have only one ask per email. If you want them to make a purchase, link only one product. If you want to announce new projects, do so one project at a time. 

Audience Segmentation

Most CRM, customer relationship management, databases will allow you to group your contacts into subcategories. Group contacts based on where they are in the buyer’s journey, needs, interests, or region.

Not everyone on your email list will relate to every email. Sometimes the key is sending certain emails to only a portion of your subscribers. It matters not just what you write, but who you write it to.


80% of emails are checked on mobile devices. Double-check the format of your email on mobile and desktop before sending it. You only have three seconds to make an impression.

If your email formatting looks wonky on either device, it will be deleted in a matter of seconds, no matter how good the content is.

B2B Email Marketing Tips

Writing a great email is about capturing attention, being sensitive to time, not overwhelming your audience, and sending it to the right people at the right time. You don’t need to send emails often, but when you do you want to make sure they are really awesome.

Follow the steps above to create awesome B2B email marketing emails. Make sure to continually analyze your outcomes and adjust. For more business tips, continue reading our blog!

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