The Ultimate Guide to Brake and Clutch Accessories

The Ultimate Guide to Brake and Clutch Accessories

What if you apply the brakes and your heavy equipment won’t stop?

This is the scariest possible scenario for employees and employers alike. If you do not follow proper brake maintenance for your machinery, this nightmare may become your reality.

Businesses have to replace and augment their brakes every day. This keeps workers and customers as safe as possible when such machinery is active.

It can sometimes be confusing trying to find the best brake and clutch accessories due to the very crowded market.

Keep reading to discover more secrets about these important accessories.

Brake and Clutch Game Plan

You can ensure the best buying experience by doing a little research. This starts by learning about the best accessories on the market.

There are several different ways to slow down your heavy machinery. Fortunately, you have a helping hand in picking the best one.

With this handy guide, you’ll become a brake and clutch expert in no time!

Drum Brakes

Drum brakes get their name from a special drum used to protect inside components. These special brakes use shoes instead of traditional brake pads.

Putting your foot on the brake causes these internal shoes to push against the drum from the inside. This shoe method is effective and has other benefits as well.

First, these brakes are safer than traditional brakes. The drum and shoe setup functions well as a kind of emergency brake for your heavy-duty trucks and other vehicles.

Drum brakes on the rear of the vehicle are also a more economical alternative to disc brakes. This keeps the cost down when buying or repairing a single vehicle or a fleet of vehicles.

Disc Brakes

Disc brakes work through a combination of rotor and brake pads. Putting your foot down on the brakes causes special calipers to press brake pads against the rotor. This slows down and eventually stops the spinning rotor, bringing the vehicle to a halt.

The main benefit of using disc brakes is they provide an overall better performance than drum brakes. This is due to the air exposure of the disc, allowing it to cool down faster than drum brakes can.

Keep in mind that you must fully replace rotors after they are damaged.

Electro-Hydraulic Thrusters

The most sophisticated brake alternative is to use electro-hydraulic thrusters. These thrusters use a compression spring in order to press brake shoes into the drum.

Such a system gives you a great degree of control over how the vehicle moves. The system is designed to last a long time, with certain designs being good for up to ten million uses.

This makes these thrusters a great investment for any business that regularly uses heavy machinery.

These thrusters are often used for lifting equipment and other heavy equipment in places all around the world. When lives may be at stake, these thrusters are the safest accessories you can find on the market.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to brake and clutch accessories, picking the right one can literally be the difference between life and death. You need someone who is more than a merchant. You also need a true expert.

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Korpak maintains a blog that helps you find the best solutions to all of your technical and vehicular problems.

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