How Does a Flash Drive Help You Save Paper?

How Does a Flash Drive Help You Save Paper?

Every year people cut down 15 billion trees, and a large portion goes to the paper industry. Hundreds of animals lose their natural habitat, and the atmosphere suffers because there are fewer trees to convert carbon dioxide back into oxygen.

You can help save the environment by using a flash drive instead of traditional print paper.

How does a mobile drive affect the paper industry and deforestation? Believe it or not, there are more ways than one. It starts with the fact that a mobile drive doesn’t need paper, reducing the demand in the market.

You Save Hundreds of Trees

Recycling even only 1 ton of paper saves 17 trees. That’s 200,000 sheets of paper. Now imagine how many sheets of paper you don’t have to use when you rely on a flash drive for your documents.

1 ton of paper might sound like a lot, but you use up paper in more ways than one. Your books, magazines, notebooks, and journals all use paper. Electronic versions, like an eBook reader and Google Docs, are the better alternative.

1 GB of data can carry over 131,072 pages of a Microsoft Word document. With an 8 GB mobile drive, you’re saving over 1 million pages of paper, roughly equivalent to 89 trees.

You Reduce Wasted Paper

Without a flash drive, you’re using paper for every little note and calculation. You might need scrap paper to record small things like daily expenses or credit card charges. You don’t need this when you go digital.

A mobile drive also means you can carry your data with you everywhere you go. You can edit your files no matter where you are before you do end up printing something. This means you’ll only use one sheet of paper instead of wasting more.

Students benefit from this too. They can use a mobile drive for all their school work. They don’t even need an expensive laptop to access the data since they can use an adapter to connect their mobile drive to most phones and tablets.

You Carry a Library in Your Pocket

When you buy a USB drive, you get a library that fits in the palm of your hands. You can save more than 3,500 eBooks in 8 GB of data space. This means even a basic USB drive can carry all your favorite books and still have space for Word documents, movies, and more.

Every physical book you carry uses paper, and that means more trees getting cut down. You can be more eco-friendly by using eBooks or audiobooks stored on a USB drive. The best part is that you can fit more books than ever since they’re all in a digital format.

This becomes even more useful for students. They won’t have to carry thick books in a backpack. All their books and paperwork can be digital, allowing the students to carry their schoolwork in a mobile drive that fits in their pocket.

Save Paper, Use a Flash Drive

What are you waiting for?

Save trees and keep the air clean by using a flash drive for all your documents and paperwork. We even let you design your own custom USB drive, which you can use to promote a brand or give as a gift.

Looking for something specific, like a USB Type-C mobile drive? You can contact us, and we’ll gladly walk you through our products and services.

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