Corporate Relocation: IT Considerations

Moving your company is a real pain for management and employees. There are so many details to work through in addition to still having to manage your day to day business operations. One of the more critical areas of a corporate move is the IT, or information technology aspect.

Moving computers, servers, printers, routers, fax machines (yes many companies still use fax machines) and phone systems is a challenge for any IT group.  Depending on your business there may be a host of other IT related items such as scanners or peripheral devices for the creative team.  No matter how big or small your company is, when you move, your IT relocation plan has to be in order.

Here are some ideas to help make your IT relocation go smoothly during your office move.

Keep IT items for each desk together

Many phone systems are IP phones. This means the phone has a specific IP routing. So, employees should be sure their phone goes with the other items from their desk. Create an IT box for each employee and have them put all IT related items in it. Phone, cords, keyboards, monitors (if flat screen), mouse and any smaller peripherals. Larger items like the computer box should be clearly labeled with the employee name and new desk location number.

Keep the IT Team Up-Dated

The timing of the IT move is critical. Once they pull the connections, employees are shut down costing time and Money. If there is any change to the moving schedule, IT needs to know right away. Spinning down a system does not happen quickly (at least if done correctly).  Even a change of a few hours in your timing can make a difference for the IT relocation process. So, keep them well informed.

Trust them When They Tell You…

Too many times, management assumes they are being sandbagged by department heads. When it comes to the IT relocation portion of your office move, trust the estimates from your IT team. They will need to schedule extra hours, over time, for employees to get things dismantled and set up. If they do not have the proper resources the timing of the move will be in jeopardy. Don’t short change the IT team for time or resources when it comes to the office move.

Think about upgrading

If your computer upgrade cycle is close to your move date, you can save on the move costs. By moving up or moving back planned hardware upgrades, you can sell or trade in the old equipment as part of the office move process. Then have new equipment delivered to the new office location. Not only will this save you on moving expenses for something you’ll unload anyway, but your employees will also have a nice surprise waiting for them in the new office space.

Office moves are an exciting time for a company. Hopefully, you are moving your business because of growth. But, moves are also stressful. Following a few tips can help make your office move easier for management and employees.

But, if you really want to make it go smoothly, look for a moving company to help you handle the heavy lifting and technology relocation. Here are some good movers in different parts of the country. in NY and NJ in NH, MA, CT in MN in the Chicago, IL Area  in Cheyanne WY, Colorado Springs CO, San Antonio, TX, Salt Lake City, UT in Virginia Beach VA


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