Corporate Moving Considerations

A growing business is a great thing. More revenue, more opportunity for employees, more stability. But, with growth comes more work. From hiring new employees, to expanding your facilities, more business takes more resources. If you find yourself outgrowing your office or warehouse, you will need to relocate your business or operations.

If not done properly, relocating a business can cause a disruption to your operations that can take years to recover from. While office relocation or warehouse move is without challenges, when you partner with the right corporate move specialist, you can significantly mitigate the impact of such a move.

When you are considering a business move, start the process early. Most businesses go through annual cycles. By planning ahead, you can schedule the move during the low activity season for your industry. For some companies, if your low season doesn’t correspond with the end of your lease, it is often worth moving early to minimize the disruption on your business during the heavy season.

There was a time when an office move involved desks, files, and lots of paper. While those things are still part of every corporate move, there is much more. Depending on your IT setup, you may have everything from desktop computers to complete server rooms that need to be moved. Moving companies today have developed special divisions to handle the mundane and the specialty IT moves. When selecting a corporate moving company, you definitely want to be sure that they have a team of IT move specialist and have experience doing it.

The really good corporate movers can handle your IT equipment with a complete takedown, packing, shipping and then unpacking and installing on the back end. If you have your own IT team that can handle parts of this, most good moving companies will work with them directly and provide just the parts of the service your team can’t or doesn’t want to do. This usually is the packing, loading and unpacking portion.

While the mundane aspects of office moves have been around for centuries, you still want an experience moving company to handle this. Tearing down, moving, and reinstalling cubes is more technical than it may appear.

Being sure every filing box gets moved to the right office or cube can be challenging if you don’t have the right system in place. Experienced office movers follow a strict system of organizing material before it is moved. When it arrives, they follow their system, ensuring the boxes arrive in the right place.

Some companies decorate their office with fine art. If you’re one of those companies, be sure your move partner has the experience to properly pack these valuable and perhaps fragile pieces. Some moving companies call these white glove services. But, whatever their name for it, be sure they handle these specialty items.

If you are moving a long distance, and your employees are moving with you, you’ll also want a moving company that can help you with employee relocation. While the actual employee move is usually a basic household move, organizing and coordinating these moves requires experience. Good corporate move companies have these services available as well.

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