15 Simple and Effective Ways Your Business Can Reduce Waste

15 Simple and Effective Ways Your Business Can Reduce Waste

Environmental problems affect us all across the globe. So, we are all responsible to try and fix them. We all must work together to reduce waste. Businesses and companies, in particular, are often massive contributors to environmental harm and should look into new sustainable practices. 

These issues may seem difficult to overcome, but there are still things that we all can do. Here are fifteen ways for businesses to reduce waste. 

1. Use Compost Bins

Compost has immense value. By installing compost bins around your business, you can help the environment thrive instead of wasting this resource in a landfill. 

2. Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Eco-friendly cleaning products can help you reduce landfill waste. They can also help reduce air pollution, especially if you’re using these products outdoors. 

3. Implement Remote Working Options

It can be beneficial to keep some remote working options in place, even after the COVID-19 pandemic. Working from home can reduce gas waste and other business waste. 

4. Move Away From Single-Use Bottles

Provide your staff with reusable water bottles or cups for them to fill at the tap to reduce single-use plastic waste. You can also replace single-use kitchenware and utensils. 

5. Replace Plastic Bags With Paper

If you’re a retailer, making the switch from plastic bags to paper or canvas will help the environment hugely, as paper bags are biodegradable. You can also encourage customers to use reusable bags. 

6. Start Up a Meal Plan or Lunch-Sharing Program

Implementing a meal plan at your business or encourage employees to share lunches can reduce both food and plastic waste. 

7. Donate E-Waste

Devices like computers and tablets often take up necessary space in landfills. You should consider donating unworking devices rather than throwing them away. They could still potentially be used or recycled. 

8. Use Rechargeable Batteries

Batteries make up a massive amount of the world’s waste. If your business regularly uses batteries, you can make a huge dent in battery waste by switching to rechargeable batteries. 

9. Encourage Recycling

One great way to reduce business waste is to make sure you have recycling bins available for employees. You can also put up diagrams to help them know which items are recyclable and which are not. 

10. Go Paperless

Going paperless is a great tip for reducing waste. Move to electronics rather than always using paper. 

11. Keep Track of Your Waste

If you want to know how to reduce waste at your business, you should calculate and keep track of the amount of waste your business produces. This will help you create achievable goals and manage your waste better. 

12. Turn off Lights When Necessary

Turning off electric lights when they’re not needed is an easy way to reduce energy waste. You should also consider switching to fluorescent lights to save energy. 

13. Use Landscaping to Reduce AC & Heating Waste

It’s hard to imagine a life without AC or indoor heating, but they use up a lot of energy. You can solve this, though, by planting trees to shield and insulate your building. 

14. Look Into Solar Energy

Solar panels are reliable and low-maintenance. Installing them will help you reduce energy and gas waste to a massive degree.  

15. Educate Employees on Waste Reduction 

You can try your hardest, but if your employees aren’t cooperating, you’ll never effectively reduce waste. Make sure they know why it’s important and how to properly enact the practices that you’ve put in place. 

Learn More About How to Reduce Waste

We all need to do our part to reduce waste and help the planet. These are just a few quick ways to get started, but implementing them at your business will help us move toward a better future. 

Get more tips for reducing waste today! 

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